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  1. Parkinson’s Disease

    Study Associates Oxidative Stress With the Spreading of Aberrant Proteins

  2. Sartorius Stedim Biotech

    Services for Mammalian Cell Bank Manufacturing

  3. For use in downstream processing

    Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches Sartocheck® 5 Plus Filter Tester

  4. Genomics research an applications

    Genewiz Celebrates Opening of European Headquarters in Germany

  5. Young European Investigators Conference

    Eppendorf Award Turns 25 Years


When to eat fatty meals

Nutrition researchers discover “biological lipid metabolism clock”

Scientists from the German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE) and Lipotype GmbH have published their results of their research on the influence of fatty breakfasts and dinners on lipid metabolism. Their newly discovered “biological lipid metabolism clock” fills a gap in nutritional medicine to activate nutrition for prevention and intervention, and to research how specific foods at specific times of the day can contribute to our health or disease.


Young European Investigators Conference

Eppendorf Award Turns 25 Years

2020 will see the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators turn 25 years. This will be celebrated with an event welcoming back high-calibre Award Alumni to talk about their science and careers: The Young European Investigators Conference held at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg, on June 25, 2020.

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