Donnerstag 6.12.2018 - Freitag 7.12.2018

5th International Fresenius Conference "Worker, Operator, Bystander and Resident Exposure and Risk Assessment"

Regulatory assessment of plant protection products in the EU

  • EFSA Guidance: Update from EFSA
  • Dermal absorption: Updated guidance from EFSA and OECD activity
  • Weight-of-evidence (WoE) approach in plant protection regulatory toxicology
  • Bystander/resident exposure associated with airblast applications
  • Re-entry exposure data in vineyards
  • BREAM2: Consequences for regulatory exposure assessments
  • New operator exposure model for seed treatment
  • Operator exposure assessment to co-formulants

Regulatory issues and epidemiology around the globe

  • Application of human epidemiological studies to pesticide risk assessment
  • Improving exposure assessment methodologies for epidemiological studies
  • Risk assessment in Latin America, Africa and Asia and Western risk management standards

Mitigation and management of risks

  • Updating ISO standards for PPE
  • Recent developments on PPE in France
  • Test procedures for closed transfer systems and 3D-drift measurements
  • Current exposure to drift risk assessment in the US


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Donnerstag 6.12.2018 - Freitag 7.12.2018